Stranger Things Star Talks Max & Lucas’ Potential Future Together

Max actor Sadie Sink weighs in on her character’s future with Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) in Stranger Things season 5. Sink joined the popular sci-fi series in 2017, with her character Max Mayfield introduced in season 2 as a new student arriving in Hawkins from California. After a some contentious first interactions with main Stranger Things kids, Max eventually joined their ranks and became a core member of the ensemble cast in subsequent seasons. Max has since formed touching friendships with every member of the party and has a particularly close bond with Lucas, with whom she struck up a romantic relationship.

Stranger Things season 4 saw Lucas and Max broken up after the tragedy that befell Max in season 3, but the pair reconnected throughout the course of the season as Lucas stood by Max’s side while she was pursued by Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). The rekindling of the pair’s romance stopped cold when Max was tragically left in a coma after the events of season 4, though hints from series creators Matt and Ross Duffer have indicated that Max may wake in Stranger Things season 5. During an appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, Sink discusses her character’s relationship with Lucas, indicating that she personally thinks the pair could end up together in the long run if Max returns, though the character may not want to remain in Hawkins.

How Stranger Things 5 Can Bring Max Back

Stranger Things season 5 has yet to commence filming, though it is set to bring back the core ensemble cast. The upcoming season will be the series’ final installment, and series director and producer Shawn Levy has teased its “epic and very emotional” nature. The showrunners have also hinted that Stranger Things season 5 will be the biggest yet. Ross Duffer stated that a time jump in season 5 will likely be necessary due to the young actors growing up.

If Stranger Things season 5 were to introduce a time jump, it’s feasible that Max could wake up from her coma as early as episode 1. Since Max’s coma was caused by Vecna rather than being completely physical in nature, her condition is likely to linger even once all her broken limbs are healed, requiring some supernatural intervention in order to finally be broken. There are a few options for that occur – either Vecna could release Max from the coma in order to convey a message or begin another phase of his plan, or Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) could be the key to bringing her friend back to life.

Since Eleven was the one to save Max in Stranger Things season 4, she may have the ability to end her coma once and for all if she continues developing her newfound powers during the time jump. Throughout season 4, Max’s memories were the key to keeping her intact, a theme that could continue in season 5 and ultimately be the key to her waking up. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s likely that Stranger Things season 5 will see Max come back from the brink of death once again and wake up from the coma, and viewers will then be able to see if Sink is right about her character and Lucas ending up together.







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