Mila Kunis Slammed A Russian Reporter For Asking Justin Timberlake Why He’s In Movies

One wrong question can completely derail an interview, as we’ll reveal in the following. This isn’t anything new, and something that happens rather frequently. In fact, we’ve seen celebs walk out of interviews for getting asked lackluster questions.

Russell Crowe is an example, as the actor walked away from his interview when his accent in Robin Hood was questioned by the host.

Rita Ora would also leave her interview when asked about ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Actor Robert Pattinson did the same with Ryan Seacrest, when his relationship with Kristen Stewart was mentioned.

Let’s take a look at how it all went down, and why Kunis stepped in.

Mila Kunis Wasn’t Concerned About The Chemistry Alongside Co-Star Justin Timberlake In Friends With Benefits

The 2011 romcom was a success at the box office, bringing in $149 million, off a $35 million budget. The reviews for the film were also mostly positive, with the likes of Rotten Tomatoes rating the film with a 68% approval rating.

A major reason for the film’s success was the chemistry put forward between Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on-screen. When asked about her work alongside Justin, Kunis revealed she wasn’t too preoccupied about finding chemistry with the actor.

“Once we got comfortable with the characters, it was easy to put that across on screen, and we did become friends… so you hope it translates onto the screen,” Kunis revealed.

Mila Kunis Ripped A Reporter For Asking Justin Timberlake Why He’s An Actor

The moment went viral and has over 14 million views across platforms like YouTube. From the start, Kunis was completely derailed by the reporter’s approach. She started off by saying, “I have two questions about the movie and sex.”

Instantly, Kunis responded by saying, “huh,” while sarcastically nodding her head. “Oh, I thought i misheard you say about sex,” Kunis said.

Soon enough, the mood would change as the reporter asks J.T., “why are you in movies?” At this point, Kunis had to intervene. She said, “What? Wait you’re asking why he wants to be in movies? Well what would you rather him do,” Kunis says, which is met with laughter from the audience and press.

How Did The Fans React To Mila Kunis Stepping In And Answering The Question For Justin Timberlake?

As expected, the fans had a blast with the moment and praised Mila Kunis for stepping in after such an awkward question. Among the top comments on the video included a fan pointing out that the reporter was trying to be hostile, judging by her tone when asking the question.

“I speak Russian and could hear the hostile or sarcastic undertone in the reporter’s voice. Mila picked up on that and handled it brilliantly.”







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