Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Reveals Lie That Helped Her Get Max Role

Sadie Sink reveals the one lie she told that helped her secure the role of Max Mayfield in Stranger Things. Netflix’s beloved 80s-inspired series has seen its immense popularity grow with each new season. Stranger Things centers around Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven and her connection to the terrifying alternate reality known as the Upside Down. This summer, Stranger Things season 4 finally hit screens after a brief hiatus and upped the stakes for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana with the show’s darkest and most horror-influenced season to date.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live recently, Sink revealed the lie that she told during the audition process for the role of Max, Eleven’s brave, skateboard-loving best friend. With skateboarding serving as a key element to Max’s character, Sink was asked whether she lied about having skateboarding experience while auditioning, to which she revealed that she did not. However, she did lie and say she had rollerblading experience. Sink joked about how the two skills differ quite significantly, reflecting on how she doesn’t know why she thought this would make a difference.

What Will Happen To Max In Stranger Things Season 5?

Stranger Things season 4 put a particular focus on Sink’s character, with Max at the center of one of the season’s most heart-pounding (and now most iconic) sequences backed by Kate Bush’s song “Running Up That Hill.” Max’s encounters with this season’s big bad, Vecna, had audiences on tenterhooks throughout each episode, as Max’s fate appeared to hang in the balance. The final episode of season 4 left audiences distraught as Vecna finally succeeded in getting to Max, killing her before she was partially revived by Eleven. The final moments of the series revealed that she is now in a coma, with little known about what lies ahead for the character.

Season 4’s ending saw Vecna wounded, but most certainly not defeated, and now Stranger Things season 5 is expected to see the vengeful return of this horrifyingly powerful creature. At this point in time, there is no telling if Sink will have a major role to play in season 5, as audiences’ last glimpse at Max hardly implied a speedy recovery for the beloved character. Some have speculated that Vecna’s ultimate demise could release Max from her coma, meaning that Sink could potentially have more involvement with the latter half of the upcoming season, should the gang succeed in taking Vecna down. Though, as of right now, very little is known about Stranger Things season 5 as a whole.

When Will Stranger Things Season 5 Release?

Sink’s confession about her Stranger Things audition process is certainly funny, though it’s fair to say that the young star’s talents had likely already convinced the show’s creators, regardless of her rollerblading or skateboarding skills. With Stranger Things season 5 set to enter production next year, an expected release window has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, though many are expecting it to hit screens in mid-2024. With a while to go until audiences return to Hawkins for one last hurrah, many are certainly hoping that Max will be back on her skateboard by the time Stranger Things’ final season concludes.







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