The Transformation Of Megan Fox From 15 To 35 Years Old

If Megan Fox had one wish, it’s probably for people to stop pigeonholing her on her looks (and, perhaps, for people to fixate less on her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly). With her Old Hollywood visage, Fox’s appearance has been low-hanging fruit since 2007’s “Transformers” made her a global superstar. (Model Emily Ratajkowski recently criticized the film “This is 40” for objectifying Fox, saying she was “treated in it so badly,” per Us Weekly.)

Megan Fox finds her early film roles cringeworthy

Fresh-faced and bright-eyed, Megan Fox has “arrived” at age 15 with her first credited role in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film, “Holiday in the Sun.” Born in Tennessee and later partly raised in St. Petersburg, Florida (per a 2011 interview with Scott Feinberg), Fox now cringes at her debut feature. In a 2019 Entertainment Tonight interview, Fox re-watched a clip of herself as the rival to Ashley’s character, Brianna Wallace, “Ugh, kill me… just smother me or something,” she joked, with comedic self-exaggeration.

Megan Fox met ex-husband Brian Austin Green at 18 on ‘Hope & Faith’

Little did Megan Fox know that joining the ABC sitcom “Hope & Faith” (on which she portrayed Kelly Ripa’s niece from 2004 to 2006) would unite her with (now ex) husband of five years, Brian Austin Green. According to her 2019 Entertainment Tonight interview, Green’s one-episode guest spot immediately mutually attracted the two. “Everyone was around the monitor watching a scene, and Brian accidentally touched my leg. I remember literal electricity shooting through me and out me from every direction,” the actor described to The New York Times in 2009.

Megan Fox’s way with words, not just looks, made her famous

2007 was the year “iCarly” debuted on Nickelodeon, Drew Carey took over as host of “The Price Is Right” and the world at large became familiar with the name and face of one Megan Fox. Thanks to the blockbuster success of “Transformers,” Michael Bay’s live-action film adaptation of the eponymous action figures, Fox attracted international renown for her bombshell good looks. Gracing numerous major (male-oriented) magazine covers like the October 2008 issue of GQ, Fox’s notoriety was furthered by her own tongue-in-cheek, outspoken interviewee nature.

‘Jennifer’s Body’ was Megan Fox’s ‘breaking point’

2009’s “Jennifer’s Body” wasn’t just Megan Fox’s “favorite project that I’ve ever done,” according to her 2019 sit-down with Entertainment Tonight, but her followers’ favorite work as well. She noted that most of said fans are not male, as some would anticipate, but rather young girls. The indie film, written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Fusama, sees Fox as a narcissistic high school girl who begins preying upon male schoolmates after undergoing a demon possession (as one does). The feminist undertones have always been there, but it wasn’t until the post-#MeToo era, Fox noted, that the critically panned box-office bomb reached its cult-classic status, reported IndieWire.

In 2021, Megan Fox is happily a mother in love

It’s nothing less than true romance! Though she shares her three children with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox is hot, heavy, and potentially getting serious with rapper-turned-rocker Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK). After the Daily Mail first posted snapshots of the pair grabbing takeout together in May 2020, Fox then appeared in MGK’s music video for the hit “Bloody Valentine.” On Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s podcast, “Give Them Lala … With Randall” in July of that year, Fox divulged, “We’re actually two halves of the same soul.”








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