14 Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Friends That’ll Bring The Tears Rolling

Probably the best sitcom in television history and remains so even after around 21 years of dedicated fan following worldwide. The friendship these six characters had was and is the envy of every kid who sought to survive in the world, looking for people who would accept him/her just the way they are without judgement, just like these six did. Here are a few behind-the-scenes pictures that’ll bring all the memories and move you to tears.

1. The one with Joey and Rachel doing something I don’t want to say

2. The one with Rachel’s sister

3. The one with Chandler doing a dance on the table top

4. The one with Chandler and Rachel

5. The one where everybody is bored

6. The one with Joey playing with Phoebe’s hair

7. The one with Monica being lazy

8. The one with the wedding dresses

9. The one with the script

10. The one with the ex-wife

11. The one with Emma and her aunts

12. The one with Rachel and Emma

13. The one with all of them together for the last time

14. The one with the most tearful goodbye








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