Jennifer Aniston could appear on Meghan Markle’s podcast

Meghan Markle could invite Jennifer Aniston as a guest on her Architypes podcast, which began a few months ago featuring the world’s prominent female celebrities from different industries. In most of the instalments of her Spotify podcast, the Duchess of Sussex appeared to discuss harmful stereotypes of women and their own experiences and struggles to become a star.

Like Meghan, Jennifer Aniston has also gone through media scrutiny and has slammed the cruel narrative about her and other women in a interview with the magazine Allur. Aniston, best known for playing Rachel Green in Friends, has spoken about the ordeal she went through in her late 30s and 40s.

The 53-year-old actress also tried to suggest that the media can be cruel towards women in the industry who do not have children, and created a “narrative that I was just selfish” and “just cared about my career”. Meghan does not seem to miss opportunity to cosy up to her one-time co-star, Jennifer Aniston. The move may also give the Duchess a chance to make more A-list friends.

Celebrities like Serena Williams and Mariah Carey have already become guests of Meghan’s show as the Duchess is reportedly chasing prominent celebrities to discuss wide range of subjects.








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