Young Sheldon Season 6 Just Secretly Set Up George’s Cheating Scandal

Bringing back a familiar character may be how Young Sheldon season 6 secretly sets up George’s cheating scandal. The Cooper patriarch’s infidelity arc has been one of, if not the most anticipated plot line on The Big Bang Theory prequel. Young Sheldon season 4 floated the idea that George could start an affair with Brenda Sparks, but their mutual attraction somehow fizzled out in season 6 as George rekindled his romance with Mary instead. Sadly, despite the Cooper parents’ marriage seemingly on the mend, George’s affair is still coming and Young Sheldon season 6 may have just subtly laid the groundwork for it.

The Big Bang Theory spin-off has taken its mandatory break, and it will return with Young Sheldon season 6, episode 9, “College Dropouts and the Medford Miracle.” The outing will primarily continue Sheldon’s attempt to create a grant database, which has become so much more complicated that he even contemplates dropping out. Elsewhere, however, the family comedy will tackle George’s comeback stint as Medford High School’s football team coach, which could ultimately be the reason why he eventually becomes unfaithful.

Rob’s Young Sheldon Season 6 Return Sets Up George’s Affair

Part of George’s arc on the Young Sheldon season 6 winter premiere is Pastor Rob’s return. He is recruited by the football coaching team to help boost players’ morale. George is unaware of this plan, so he’s understandably shocked and unhappy about it. Forcing him to spend time with the man Mary is having an emotional affair with on Young Sheldon could play into his insecurity, and as such, could be the catalyst for George starting his long-delayed cheating scandal. Despite Sheldon’s parents finally fixing their marriage, their relationship is still very fragile, and Pastor Rob’s return could undo all the hard work they put into rekindling their romance.

Pastor Rob has already impacted George’s marriage. Despite Mary’s attempt to hide her attraction towards her former co-worker, her husband knows that she is infatuated with him. Being fired from the church effectively separated them and gave Mary the time to refocus her attention on her family. Now, however, Pastor Rob is stealing George’s thunder at work — the only thing that he could claim as truly his. This could further fuel his insecurity towards Mary’s ex-workmate, motivating him to seek validation in the arms of another woman.

George’s Cheating Scandal Will Be Crucial To Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon suggests that George’s cheating is impossible, as Sheldon is seen knocking on doors before entering a room. This makes his story about barging in on his dad having sexual relations with another woman dubious. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that CBS isn’t moving forward with the controversial plot line, especially considering how significant it is to Sheldon’s personal arc. More than that, however, the upcoming affair will drastically change the Coopers’ lives on Young Sheldon, if the family comedy even continues after it. Just one year after Sheldon catches George cheating, he is set to die unexpectedly, leaving the family without a patriarch.








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