5 Times The Big Bang Theory Made Us Want to Bang Our Heads Against the Wall

The show maintained high ratings for 12 seasons, won numerous awards, made a huge impact on pop culture, and gathered a massive fanbase all over the world. Its creators managed to find the perfect balance between geek culture, drama and humor, and for the most part, The Big Bang Theory maintained its perfect reputation, even though the writers never tried to avoid silly lines and campy storytelling.

Still, in some cases, the show’s “silliness” went a bit too far. Here are just a few examples that make us want to exclaim, “Dear screenwriters, what were you thinking!”

When Amy Argues With Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton was doing his bit at the Fun With Flags filming, but Amy seemed more interested in making a scene. When Wil complained about Amy’s directing and reminded her he was doing it for free, Amy insulted him by saying they were not getting their money’s worth. Sheldon having to choose between his friend and his girlfriend in the ensuing fight made the whole scene awkward and difficult to watch.

It is not clear what the creators wanted to achieve with that fight, but they ended up creating a bad guy out of everyone in the scene with Sheldon coming off as the worst.

When Leonard Confessed To Cheating

The cheating itself was bad enough, but confessing to it on the wedding day was just a step too far. The entire Mandy Chow saga just felt out of place because it ruined one of the best storylines in the show as Leonard and Penny’s wedding approached. They were the power couple of the show, despite their ridiculous fights and breakups.

It took a lot of time for Penny to finally agree to marry Leonard. He was also straightforward with Penny on many occasions, which is why his confession on the wedding day was a big shocker. The show turned its entire fan base against Leonard, although it would have been avoided if he had confessed earlier.

When Alicia Uses The Boys

The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition went down as one of the sitcom’s worst episodes, as the entire “boys getting played” storyline rubbed fans the wrong way. The boys including Leonard had totally fallen for Alicia, and it felt as if Penny had finally found her match in the show as someone other than her received all the attention.

Penny’s fight with Alicia only made the episode better, as it proved that she actually cared for the boys, (something she didn’t do much before). It then crashed everyone’s hearts when Alicia ended up sleeping with her CSI producer while the guys listened. It was one of the most heartbreaking moments on the show.

When Leonard Became Jealous Of Penny’s Old Boyfriend

Leonard feeling insecure around Penny’s ex-boyfriends was funny at the beginning, but then it quickly became boring and even triggering. What’s fun about watching a grown man get bullied by other grown men? Penny also never protected him from Kurt’s and then Zack’s toxic teenage behavior.

Still, her old boyfriend crashing on her couch shouldn’t have made Leonard so insecure. It proved that he didn’t trust Penny enough. Sheldon wasn’t any help in the situation either, as he chose to run off and leave Leonard to struggle with his insecurities.

When Sheldon Forced Leonard To Wear An Itchy Sweater

Sheldon was the fan-favorite character in TBBT, but his behavior in Itchy Brain made him look horrible. Being unable to figure out some scientific phenomenon wasn’t an excuse to torture Leonard with an itchy sweater and a trip to return a movie he already paid for.

Leonard had done nothing wrong, which is why forcing him to wear the itchy sweater was just unfair. For some reason, Leonard also never figured out a way to get out of his misery sooner. Sheldon’s plan shocked even Amy, who had no idea why he could be so cruel to his friend.







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