Mila Kunis Says Ashton Kutcher Was in Hospital Twice with Pancreatitis

Mila Kunis is sharing details from a medical mishap involving her husband, Ashton Kutcher. While being interviewed episode of the web series Hot Ones, the Family Guy star, 38, partook in a segment called Spousal Fact Check, in which she confirmed or denied certain factoids shared by previous Hot Ones guest Kutcher, her husband of six years.

Among the questions the show’s host Sean Evans asked was whether or not Kutcher, 43, indeed gave himself pancreatitis because he was drinking “too much carrot juice” while preparing to play Steve Jobs in 2013’s Jobs. Jobs was notably strict when it came to his diet, largely as a result of dealing with his neuroendocrine cancer.

Kunis said her husband’s affliction was indeed true, but that he was in fact “downplaying it.” “He was so dumb. He only ate grapes at one point, it was so stupid,” she told Evans. “We ended up in the hospital twice with pancreatitis!” In 2013, Kutcher — who followed a fruit-only diet to get into character as the late visionary for the biopic — said that he was “doubled over in pain” from his pancreatic issues.

Stoner Cats, described as an “adult animated series centered on five house cats who mysteriously become sentient,” costars Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Family Guy co-creator Seth MacFarlane and Chris Rock.






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