Mila Kunis flashes her saucy silk BRA as she and Ashton Kutcher kiss like teens

The couple was seen kissing in the front row of a basketball game in Los Angeles. Mila and Ashton’s daughter Wyatt was born less than two months ago, but it looks like the two are still planning to go on dates. When they thought no one was looking, they kissed like teenagers at the Lakers game.

As they kissed, Mila’s t-shirt slipped a little more than she meant to, showing a silk bow on her bra. Ashton kissed his boyfriend while wearing a baseball cap and holding a drink. He looked like a young man in love. Mila’s baby girl was born just two months ago, but the star has already lost some of her baby weight.

Last week, the 31-year-old actress gave her first interview since giving birth to her daughter Wyatt. She was on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. During the honest conversation, Mila said that nursing has helped her get back into the shape she was in before she got pregnant. She gushed, “Breastfeeding is a great workout!” when she told how she kept her body slim after giving birth.

Mila said, when asked how old her little bundle of joy is, “Two months… nine weeks. She’s not sleepy. She walks!” Mila met Ashton, who is now 36, on the set of That 70s Show in the late 1990s, but they didn’t start dating until 2011, which was a few months after he broke up with Demi Moore. The two people don’t seem to need to be told to take some time for themselves because they seem to enjoy each other’s company so much!






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