15 Actresses Who Would’ve Made A Better Penny Than Kaley Cuoco

Penny is one of the most popular characters on The Big Bang Theory and it makes sense because she’s adorable, funny, and a great contrast to the rest of the cast. She lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, and once she makes her presence known, she becomes an unlikely and intriguing member of their friend group.

15. Kristen Bell’s Bubbly Voice And Look Would Be Perfect

14. Ellie Kemper Has Penny’s Quirky Energy

13. We Always Love The Adorable Emma Stone

12. Anna Kendrick Would Fit Right In With The Nerdy Guys

11. Zoe Kazan Is Likeable And Has Penny’s Charm

10. Hilary Duff Can Lead Any TV Show

9. We Can Totally Picture Amanda Seyfried’s Penny Falling For Leonard

8. Kiernan Shipka Can Hold Her Own In Any Genre

7. Ashley Tisdale Has Penny’s Look And Light-Hearted Humor

6. We Loved Katrina Bowden As Cerie On 30 Rock

5. Elle Fanning Has A Sweet, Innocent Quality That Would Work

4. We’re Used To Seeing Emma Roberts In Horror Shows, But She Could Be In A Sitcom, Too

3. It Would Be Interesting To See the Talented Brie Larson In A Funny Role

Brie Larson, bruises

2. We Bet Elizabeth Olsen Could Joke Around With Sheldon

1. Abigail Breslin Can Talk Super Fast



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