All of Megan Fox’s best and bravest beauty moments

Megan Fox is a living icon, there’s no doubt. Aside from being one of the most beautiful women to ever walk the earth, she’s also gifted us some of our generation’s most iconic movies, memes, characters and lines.


Fox’s first premiere event was all about lashes and lip gloss. And skinny brows, of course.


We’ll let this one slide; ‘chic’ wasn’t a thing in the early ’00s.


A fresh-faced Fox shows off freckles and a golden glow.


We’re not sure quite which hair parting this is, but Fox’s face makes it work.


It doesn’t get much more 2007 than sleek strands and bright pink gloss.


But hey, why not combine vintage waves and a slick-back?!


We’re going to file this one under ‘not the right shade of powder’.


Sometimes simplicity (in the form of a grown-up take on a playground plait) is key.


See?! We warned you about a blonde bob. It may have been a wig for a character, but let us live…


Fox’s own espresso brunette hair wasn’t far beyond her shoulders, either.


After seemingly enjoying her blonde stint, Fox leaned into the balayage brunette-to-blonde vibe.


After taking a few years out of the spotlight, Fox returned with a vampy-lipped vengeance.


A feathery fringe would have been plenty solo, but the look was taken to the next level with a lash-laden cat eye.

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