Friends: All Of Joey’s Sisters & How They’re Different

Friends is, once again, back in the news, as Courtney Cox recently responded to a tweet/Instagram post by Kayne West who claimed that he never found the show funny. West’s statement turned out to be more controversial than he may have realized, however, as Friends remains one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s/early 2000s.

Mary Therese / Mary Teresa

Mary Therese is one of a few special cases, as she has been portrayed by two separate actresses, Mimi Lieber on Friends and Christina Ricci on Joey. Her name also appears to have a bit of variation, as she is referred to solely as Mary Therese in the original and as Mary Theresa in the latter.

Mary Angela

Mary Angela, played by Holly Gagnier, is the timidest of her siblings, though, like her sisters, she can be strong-willed. In her first and only appearance of the series, she and Chandler fool around while Chandler is drunk, and he spends the episode attempting to figure out which of the sisters she is.



Dina is the youngest sibling in her family and her defining physical feature in her first appearance is her long hair, but in her second appearance, her hair is cut short. She is played by Lisa Melilli in her introductory episode and by Marla Sokoloff in her second, and she isn’t in the spinoff show.


Of the entire Tribbiani clan, Gina’s character is subject to the largest amount of inconsistencies between Friends and Joey. Played by K.J. Steinbern on Friends, she stood at about Joey’s height and bore a striking resemblance to the rest of her sisters with a hairstyle to match. In Joey, she is portrayed by Drea de Matteo, and appears as several inches taller, with long, strawberry-blonde hair.


Tina only has a single appearance out of both of the shows’ entire runs, making telling her apart from her sisters much more difficult. She does have some distinguishing features, however.



Like Tina, very little is known about Veronica. The most distinguishing feature of her appearance is her hair, as she appears to wear it in a larger hairstyle than any of her sisters. It is also darker than the others, nearing a blackish color. She has a long face and, like Tina, appears to be taller than most of the others.


Cookie wears a lot of leather and presents as very tough. Despite her only having a single appearance in Friends, she is undoubtedly one of the most memorable Tribbianis in the show.

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