Friends: Why Joey Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

The lovable Joey Tribbiani had a complex character arc and was often a struggling actor with a few regional credits to his name. It took time, but by the end of Friends, Joey was doing well for himself. He had been nominated for a Soapie Award for his work in Days of Our Lives and co-starred in a World War I movie with famed actor, Richard Crosby (played by Gary Oldman)

Survived In The Challenging Acting Business

Not a single member in the group has a story nearly as dynamic as Joey’s. He knew there was more to life than paying bills.

Compelling Character Arc

Joey’s slow transformation is the biggest testament to the strength of his character. He didn’t get to promptly work as an actor but nevertheless persevered. He was home in the middle of the day while his friends were hard at work.

Astute Remarks

Chandler may be hailed as the king of sarcasm, but sometimes his witty one-liners paled into insignificance when compared with Joey’s astute observations.

The Loved One


Joey was unquestionably the adorable one among the group.

The Man Behind The Famous Pick-Up Line

When Joey wasn’t goofing around with Chandler, drinking coffee at Central Perk, or eating his fill at Monica’s, he was spending time with the ladies.

Good At Giving Advice

Joey almost always made sense to his pals, even when he uttered gibberish. A case in point is the ‘moo point’ moment in “The One where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs.”

Most Selfless Friend

Joey would oftentimes go out of his way to make life better for all of his friends. He showed genuine concern for Rachel and Phoebe upon hearing they were to become single parents.

A Truly Good Person

Joey was a good human being, as he was compassionate and empathetic towards the people around him. In “The One with The Birth,” he offered his support to a single pregnant woman while she delivered her baby.

The Famous One

As Friends reached its conclusion, the gangs’ respective careers panned out the way they wanted or hoped to. Joey’s path wasn’t nearly as smooth, and he had his fair share of struggles. But the fact remains, no one amongst a group of well-educated adults ended up becoming famous like him.

Officiated Two Weddings

Monica and Chandler couldn’t have found a better minister than Joey to officiate their wedding. On the day of the wedding, Joey had a full plate but managed to arrive just in time to lead the wedding ceremony.

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