Millie Bobby Brown Confesses She’s Ready to Say Goodbye to ‘Stranger Things’

It’s no secret that Stranger Things Season 5 will be the last of the hit Netflix series. And while that’s sad news for fans, star Millie Bobby Brown is confessing that she’s ready to move on from the show. Brown, now 19, has starred as Eleven in the series for more than six years now.  During a recent interview, Parade magazine asked Bornw if she was prepared to say goodbye to Eleven/Jane Hopper.

Millie Bobby Brown Wants to Do More Directing

Millie Bobby Brown is interested in exploring more roles in Hollywood. And it’s not just the ones in front of the camera that intrigue her. After making her directorial debut for a Samsung campaign in 2022, she admits that stepping behind the camera is something that she’s also very interested in pursuing.

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