Hogwarts Legacy: Missing Harry Potter Spells We Wish Were Included

In Hogwarts Legacy, students will amass a sizable arsenal of magical spells which they can use to defend themselves, but unfortunately, some of the best spells from Harry Potter didn’t make the cut. The combat system is one of the most sucessful aspects of the open-world RPG, allowing players to combine 26 different spells – or more, if they’re taking the dark wizard path – in any manner of their choosing. However, dueling other wizards in Hogwarts Legacy could have been made even more entertaining with the inclusion of these iconic Harry Potter spells, both for new and longstanding fans of the franchise. It’s possible that such additional spells could be implemented with the release of an expansion. Unfortunately, Portkey Games has confirmed that there are no current DLC plans in place, but witches and wizards shouldn’t lose hope just yet. Hogwarts Legacy proves games are Harry Potter’s future as a franchise, and thus it’s possible that the developer will soon reconsider its decision and start developing an expansion to ensure the continued success of the title. With any luck, these memorable spells from the main series could sneak their way into the game.

Episkey Would Expand On Healing In Hogwarts Legacy

As a healing charm that can cure minor injuries and ailments, Episkey could add some much-needed depth to the healing system in Hogwarts Legacy. After all, as the game presently stands, the only way for students to regain lost health is by drinking a Wiggenweld potion. They certainly get the job done and will oftentimes prevent death, but they quickly become redundant, especially considering the several healing spells that exist in Harry Potter. Episkey in particular would be a breath of fresh air. This charm could provide a break from the game’s heavily offensive spell roster, but it wouldn’t too overpowered, like Hogwarts Legacy’s cabbages are.

Confundo Would Disorient Enemies In Hogwarts Legacy

Confundo would likely be one of Hogwarts Legacy’s best spells if it were ever to make its way into the game. It has the power to confuse targets for a short period of time, which makes it a great tool for manipulation (similar to the mind control curse Imperio, but not so distasteful as to be categorized as an Unforgivable spell). As such, Confundo could be an effective failsafe in Hogwarts Legacy, especially for witches and wizards to prefer to stick to the shadows. If they were accidentally spotted, the player could simply cast this charm to make their enemies temporarily forget what they saw, or even forget their hostility towards the protagonist altogether.

Lumos Maxima Could Make Hogwarts Legacy Brighter

Lumos Maxima differs only slightly from Lumos in that it’s a brighter source of light, being able to illuminate an entire building with ease. Becoming a dark wizard in Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the only situation in which players will find themselves straying from the light, after all; many of the game’s areas can be rather dim, and sometimes Lumos simply doesn’t suffice. Although Lumos Maxima only makes an appearance in the Harry Potter films, it would be an immensely useful spell in Hogwarts Legacy. It even allows the caster to place the ball of light in a static location, meaning students could potentially cast other spells while still being able to see in dark areas.

Expecto Patronum Would Be Hogwarts Legacy’s Best Spell

Expecto Patronum is arguably the most iconic spell from Harry Potter, and thus it’s shocking that it was excluded from Hogwarts Legacy. It has the power to summon a Patronus, a spirit guardian that can protect witches and wizards from even the most evil magic. When visiting Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy, players can briefly meet some Dementors, the soul-sucking specters that are famously countered by use of Expecto Patronum. If a future Hogwarts Legacy DLC introduces Dementors as a more common enemy, this spell would be absolutely invaluable – as well as a blast to see in-game, considering that everyone’s Patronus is dependent on their personality. The vast Harry Potter universe contains countless other spells, many of which would be interesting to experience through the lens of the prequel game. However, those listed above would be the best candidates for Hogwarts Legacy spells, thanks to their prowess in combat, general utility, and ability to somehow add a bit of extra spice to an already enchanting magical world.

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