Why Harry Potter Never Gave The Weasleys Money (He Wasn’t Being A Jerk)

Over the years, fans have criticized the titular Harry Potter character for allowing The Weasley family to live in poverty even though he had enough wealth to help them. The Weasleys were known in the wizarding world for being of lower economic status, something the Malfoys loved to remind them of. On the other hand, Harry had inherited a small fortune from his father, who had been the heir to the wealthy Potter family. Regardless, Harry didn’t provide financial support to the Weasleys but this wasn’t because he was being stingy.
Ron Weasley frequently complained that all of his belongings were second-hand. His school supplies, robes, and even his pet had once belonged to his older brothers. On the other hand, Harry Potter was rich with more gold than he knew what to do with. This contributed to Ron’s feelings of jealousy towards Harry. To add insult to injury, the Boy Who Lived was often gifted valuable things, like brand-new broomsticks, while Ron was essentially left with scraps. This had influenced the common opinion among Harry Potter fans that Harry was greedy – or even just clueless – but that wasn’t the case in the books.

Harry Tried To Help Ron With Money In The Harry Potter Books

In the Harry Potter books, Harry often felt guilty or uncomfortable when confronted with the Weasleys’ poverty in the face of his wealth. Whenever he could, he shared what he had with Ron. This started on the first day of their friendship on the Hogwarts Express when Harry bought “the lot” off the trolley so that Ron wouldn’t be stuck with his sad little sandwich. Ron was typically willing to share Harry’s treats or accept the occasional mug of butterbeer, but any attempt at charity was not well received. In the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book, Ron was frustrated that he didn’t have enough gold to buy a pair of Omnioculars at the Quidditch World Cup. Harry refused to take no for an answer and bought his friend a pair, and Ron reluctantly accepted. However, during the Quidditch match, the crowd was showered with Leprechaun gold, and Ron eagerly paid Harry back with his newly collected Galleons. Months later, Ron learned that Leprechaun gold disappears after a day – something that Harry hadn’t noticed because he had too much wealth to miss it. This deeply upset Ron. He hadn’t wanted to accept the Omnioculars in the first place and had been relieved to pay Harry back for the costly gift. When he learned that he had accidentally paid his friend with fake gold, Ron felt as if it had been a gift of charity. This idea was incredibly embarrassing to him since Ron vehemently did not want to be cared for by his rich and famous best friend. This is precisely why Harry never tried to give the Weasleys money or give Ron lavish gifts – they didn’t want pity.

Mrs. Weasley Wanted To Take Care Of Harry (Not The Other Way Around)

Though Harry clearly couldn’t just hand Ron money without embarrassing him, some audiences have felt he could have offered Molly Weasley some gold, especially since the woman kindly took Harry in and filled him up with food several times a year. However, the issue here is that this simply wouldn’t have been appropriate. Harry was a child and a guest in the Weasley home. Mrs. Weasley wanted to care for him and provide him with the love he had been missing at his aunt and uncle’s house. The last thing she would want would be for him to hand her bags of gold. Additionally, the Weasleys might not have been able to buy anything their hearts desired, but they were still a well-cared-for family. Ron never wanted for food, and his home was safe (as far as the wizarding world goes) and well-tended. It can be assumed that if Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were to have found themselves in a truly difficult situation, Harry would have offered help. After all, when Fred and George needed money in Goblet of Fire to start their business, Harry offered help immediately. Of course, he made them promise not to tell Mrs. Weasley, proving that Harry Potter knew she wouldn’t have accepted it.

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