18 Pics Of Kaley Cuoco When She Thought No One Was Looking

Being a celebrity and appearing in public is a different experience than what ordinary people are used to. If we do something unusual or slightly strange, we might get a few awkward looks, but if celebrities do it, it will most likely haunt them online for the rest of their lives. But, if there’s one good thing to come out of it, it makes us realize how similar celebrities are to us — once wealth and fame are removed. So we thought we’d look at actor Kaley Cuoco, best known for her role as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, or compile a list of paparazzi photos of her today. Some are embarrassing, some are strange, and others are incredibly relatable. But not just any paparazzi pics — only those in which it seems the Hollywood star has no clue she’s being photographed.

18. At this point, she realized she had left her car keys at the gym.

17. We’re not sure why she enjoys wrapping herself in towels.

16. However, it is a typical fashion style that the actress wears.

15. She’s Riding Her Horse, Unaware That Someone Is Taking Photographs Of Her.

14. And, given that she’s a vegan, we’re curious about what she ordered at In-N-Out.

13. She’s holding a cookie, hopefully, a vegan one.

12. And take a look at the celebrity getting her nails done.

11. Kaley Cuoco’s mood seems to suffer when she goes grocery shopping.

10. And so does taking out her trash.

9. She’s giving us a Hollywood yawn.

8. Here she is, having the time of her life with Ashton Kutcher at a Pacers-Lakers game.

7. At Disneyland, she’s seen with Bae Karl Cook.

6. And here’s Kaley Cuoco doing mundane tasks that we all do.

5. Except when she tries to stretch while doing mundane tasks — because Kaley Cuoco is about living a healthy lifestyle.

4. She looks stunning while playing tennis.

3. Here’s a photo of her exchanging insurance information after crashing into this guy’s car.

2. Shopping with Bae Karl lifts her spirits.

1. Finally, she’s wearing a flower crown because life is too short, and we should all learn from Kaley Cuoco.


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