‘Big Bang Theory’: Are Kaley Cuoco And Melissa Rauch Friends Or Enemies?

The cast on Big Bang Theory developed a special friendship over time. Heck, Penny and Leonard would actually date in real-life and despite the fact that it didn’t work, they still got along as close friends. All the castmates were highly invested into their characters, Melissa Rauch has fond memories from her time on the show, especially when it comes to looking back at the progress of the Bernadette character – evolving over the seasons;

Did Kaley Send Mixed Signals?

Are Kaley Cuoco And Melissa Rauch Friends In Real Life?

It was Rauch’s big-screen debut and a very big deal for her career. However, as Daily Mail pointed out, some took it more seriously than others. Cuoco took some heat for her appearance, as it appears as though she dressed down for the event, especially compared to her co-stars that attended the event. She apparently “dressed down” for The Bronze event out in LA.  What matters most was Rauch and she was looking stunning on the evening in a fashionable blue dress, one that grabbed all the headlines for the right reasons. Nobody commented on Cuoco’s outfit and perhaps, the tabloids blew the situation out of proportion, it wasn’t like Cuoco didn’t show up, she was there front and center for her good friend’s big break.

Saying Goodbye Wasn’t Easy For Them

Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory) contemptuously with her co-star Melissa Rauch in the past? This attitude that had made people talk - News24viral

Both Cuoco and Rauch mutually had a tough time dealing with the finale of the show. Both would take to IG expressing how difficult the final episode was to film. Melissa discussed the tough road to the final taping; “Just because I haven’t flooded my face with enough tears during/after today’s final @bigbangtheory_cbs table read…here’s a pic of our pre-show huddle last night. I was always picked last for every team as a kid, so getting to be a part of a huddle ~ let alone this particular huddle has been extra special. I‘ll forever cherish these moments with my TBBT brothers and sisters.” Cuoco felt just as gutted; “Prepare yourselves … for a finale that has truly given me a loss for words. Our whole universe.”

Both Are Moving On From The Show

Hotter One : Melissa Rauch vs Kaley Cuoco 10 photo - Gnn Tv

Both took different paths, Rauch recently entered motherhood, becoming a proud mom. Though unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, she was in the delivery room alone.  As for Cuoco, she’s taking a different path working several new projects. She’s interested in work both on and off the set moving forward, she elaborated with E!; “I want this to be a big company,” Cuoco told Cosmopolitan. “I want to be sitting down a few years from now and have so many projects going. That’s what I’m excited about.” We’ll have to deal with the duo and cast separated for the time being but who knows, maybe just maybe we’ll see a reunion of sorts soon enough.

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