Tom Pelphrey recently welcomed daughter Matilda with girlfriend Kaley Cuoco

During his exclusive interview with People, Tom Pelphrey spoke candidly about his experience as a new father and expressed gratitude for having a partner to share the journey with.

The Ozark actor, who recently welcomed daughter Matilda with girlfriend Kaley Cuoco, had this to say about his new life: “It’s amazing. It’s heaven, it’s challenging at times. It’s the most beautiful thing ever.”

“I’m so grateful to have a partner who I love to do it with because just two days with a baby in the house and I think of parents who are raising kids by themselves, and I don’t even understand how they do it,” he confessed.

The actor, 40, shared his surprise at how intuitive he is as a parent, “It really has been surprising to me that it feels intuitive. There’s just something about how to hold her and how to burp her and intuiting what she wants sometimes when she’s upset.”

He recalled how he used to be afraid of holding his nieces and nephews and added, “It hasn’t felt that way at all with Matilda”.

“Just getting to take her in the stroller on a walk makes the whole idea of taking a walk more magical and special,” he added happily.


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Pelphrey concluded by expressing his excitement for the holiday season and for his daughter “to meet the rest of my family and my friends there. And it really does just makes everything magical again.”


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