FRIENDS: Here’s Why ‘Phoebe’ Lisa Kudrow & ‘Joey’ Matt LeBlanc Didn’t End Up Together!

The sitcom FRIENDS delivered two all-time fav couples for fans in the form of Rachel-Ross (Jennifer Aniston-David Schwimmer) and Chandler-Monica (Matthew Perry-Courteney Cox). But what kept them from hooking up Phoebe and Joey Tribbiani (Lisa Kudrow & Matt LeBlanc)? Writer David Crane is opening about it all.

By the end of the show, we see the two former couples in a happy ever after format, but if Phoebe and Joey would’ve made it to the list too, that would have been the happy ending that the makers didn’t want to treat us with.

When asked about it to writer and producer of FRIENDS, David Crane, during a conversation with International website, he shared, “‘It all would have been too tidy and too complete.

Your goal is to keep the six character in stories together, it would be really easy to go down that road but I think we all felt it would be a mistake.”

About how they wanted to show Monica-Chandler’s relation way different from that of Rachel and Ross, “Because we’d done Ross and Rachel we had to give Monica and Chandler another set of challenges.

Their whole journey of how they ended up together and having babies it needed to be different. I think that’s the biggest challenge of doing a show for 10 years,” he added.






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