Mila Kunis keeps getting offensive Family Guy line shouted at her from passers-by

Mila Kunisoften gets a line from Family Guy yelled at her on the street – which, unfortunately for her, isn’t one of the show’s nicer catchphrases… Find out which one it is here.

Kunis stars in the long-running animated comedy series as Meg Griffin, the teenage daughter who is constantly ridiculed and mocked by her family and gets bullied as much at home as she does in school.

Quips range from Peter regularly saying his daughter is ‘ugly’ through to the Griffins telling her to be quiet – the latter of which, it turns out, has become a common theme in Kunis’ life.

Someone else said: “Over the years I think the ‘shut up Meg’ can get old. But, the fact that people would recognize Mila on the streets/what have you, is a subconscious admiration and/or recognition.”

A third joked: “That’s the longest I’ve heard Meg talk.”






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