Megan Fox Returns To Social Media With Elegant Dresses.

Megan Fox has finally made her social media return, breaking a months-long silence that had fans highly concerned. Back in February, the Transformers star split with her fiancé, actor and pop musician Machine Gun Kelly, sparking a number of cheating and abuse accusations from the pair’s adoring public. After sorting out their issues, it appears that the couple is back together, and Fox has concluded her break from social media, posting a gallery to Instagram showing off her curves in a form-fitting dress.

The post in question shows a series of photos of Megan Fox attending the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit event last week, though her on-again off-again love affair has been mysteriously cropped from any of the pictures uploaded to her page. The post currently stands as the one and only upload to her Instagram account, with all her older posts having been archived or deleted entirely. With a staggering Instagram following of more than 20 million users, Megan Fox clearly has a great deal of media attention following her every move, making the months-long mental health break from the media circus highly necessary.

The Sports Illustrated event was held in New York City, at the Hard Rock Hotel, with a number of cover models and important figures in the publication’s ranks in attendance. As shown by other photos from the event which have circulated the web, Machine Gun Kelly was also in attendance, appearing beside Megan Fox in a white pinstripe suit. Sources close to the couple have confirmed to media outlets in recent weeks that the pair are still in the throes of working out the fine details of their arrangement, with Machine Gun Kelly himself confessing that he’s working for Megan Fox’s forgiveness.

After months of speculation that the pair had officially split for good, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were photographed on a private excursion in Hawaii back in April, sparking rumors that the pair had officially gotten back together. The couple also appeared as fictionalized versions of themselves in a recent episode of the FX series Dave, alongside other big-name cameos such as Jack Harlow, Don Cheadle, Rachel McAdams, and Travis Barker, according to IMDb.

With over 2.6 million likes and more than 15,000 encouraging comments from her adoring public on the recent post, Megan Fox is surely feeling the love as she returns to the public eye. Machine Gun Kelly has stayed active on social media throughout Fox’s hiatus, with an Instagram account that boasts a still-impressive following of over nine million users, but obviously pales in comparison to the devout following of his partner.







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