Being treated unfairly, Ronaldo decided to sue the European giant to the end

After leaving the club to return to Man Utd in the summer of 2021 , Ronaldo let Juventus arrange his finances and pay him on time but received no response. More than 2 years have passed, CR7 has now run out of patience and decided to ask the law to intervene to reclaim his rights.


According to the Italian newspaper, Ronaldo spoke with the Turin Prosecutor’s Office about the specific situation before deciding to sue the Serie A giants in court. Previously, another former Juventus star, Paulo Dybala, who was a substitute for CR7, also had the same problem. He also talked to this agency and was later returned 3 million euros in salary by the Bianconeri.

Ronaldo et al and the rule of law | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and  World News — Opinion — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

The second solution is for the club to negotiate directly with a number of specific players to do the same thing. Juventus, through the players’ representatives, including Ronaldo, asked for late salary payments and divided them into several installments to reduce financial pressure.

Does the law move slowly for Cristiano Ronaldo? | Football News | Sky Sports

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