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Ronaldo and Messi had opposite emotions when they saw Al Nassr beat Inter Miami with a score of 6-0. The photo shows the contrasting emotions of Messi and Ronaldo while watching the match. Inter Miami lost 3 goals in just 12 minutes. Messi cannot be satisfied with this result.

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On the morning of February 2, the long-awaited friendly match between Ronaldo’s Al Nassr and Messi’s Inter Miami officially took place in Saudi Arabia. However, this first match did not go as expected when Ronaldo was absent due to injury and Messi only played the last few minutes due to physical problems. On a day when two of the world’s top superstars sat as spectators, Al Nassr played completely superior before winning 6-0.

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Before this result, Ronaldo and Messi had opposite emotions. Anyway, the last match was just a friendly. The confrontation ends, Inter Miami will continue to have a friendly match with the star team of Hong Kong (China) on February 4. Meanwhile, Al Nassr also trained its troops against strong opponent Al Hilal on February 9.

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