Chic and Classic: Jennifer Aniston Shines in a White Button-Down

We reckon the former Friends star deserves a round of applause for admitting to the world’s steamiest plane journey during an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Jennifer, 47, was forced to partake in a game of Never Have I Ever on the US show, which meant either confirming or denying everything her ‘friend’ Ellen asked of her.

gfhghghg.png (540×283)

When Ellen began by saying ‘Never have I ever joined the mile high club’, both women raised the side of the card reading ‘I have.’ But then the plot thickened. ‘Never have I ever joined the mile high club in the cockpit,’ Ellen continued, prompting Jennifer to raise her card again, leaving the impressed audience members cheering.

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‘Never have I ever… with the pilot?’ the host ventured. ‘Oh God…’ said Aniston, as she bravely raised her sign again. Outta girl! ‘And the co-pilot? And the flight attendant?’ Ellen kept going, as Jennifer kept her sign up, confirming she’d had sex with a whole lot of people in the travel sector.

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