Famous Thai Actress Gets A Permanent Tattoo On Her Neck To Copy BLACKPINK Lisa’s Mole

Thai star Aum Lukana recently revealed in an interview that she got a permanent tattoo to emulate another Thai singer.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is famous for her neck mole. The mole is prominently displayed on the front of her long neck, right above the collarbone. Aum admitted that she got the tattoo in the same place as Lisa’s, even naming it the “Lisa mole.”

Lisa’s mole.

It’s not just aesthetically pleasing. The star claims to have gotten more jobs and money ever since she got the mole tattooed. Many in Asia believe in “lucky moles,” and have been known to remove ones that seemingly bring bad luck. It seems like Lisa’s neck mole may become a new placement for lucky moles! After all, she has more money, talent, and jobs than anyone in their life could ever want.

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