Millie Bobby Brown candidly shows her natural skin texture during a breakout

Millie Bobby Brown is not one to shy away from talking about her skin and how she deals with breakouts and acne. Candidly posting no-makeup videos and photos of her real skin texture onto the airbrushed world of TikTok, it’s so refreshing. And her latest post is no different.

Millie uploaded a super-cute pic with her puppy to the grid, captioned: “when he asks me what I’m up to”. In the snap the actress/author/entrepreneur is in a cosy t-shirt, hair swept up, and not a scrap of makeup. Love to see it.

And we weren’t the only ones appreciating her casual candour. A whopping 2.5k people liked the comment “Millie without makeup>>>>>” in just one day.

And scanning through the comments there were some particularly touching words about just what it means to fans. One wrote: “I love it so much about you, Millie, that you show yourself without make-up on social media🥰That’s not a given❤️🥹.” While one wrote about how it affects their own confidence, saying: “This girl being natural, showing up with her bare face, not making much effort for her random pics, just simple and casual. This makes me love her more and gives me confidence to do the same.”

It can’t be underestimated how much posts like these help push the dial on what skin looks like, and help destigmatise acne, pores, fine lines or any other number of the totally normal features of human skin!

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